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NEW!! VF Light Bearing Holsters



     We have bee working hard to improve our light bearing holsters. We have had great feedback regarding fit and comfort of the holster, with the only gripe coming in the way of the holster width; It takes up a goof amount of real estate on the belt. The issue I faced was that if I were to narrow the holster down any more, it would be difficlt, if not impossible to thread a belt through the belt loops due to the bend in the holster "wings". The belt would hit the light channel on the rear side of the holster. The holsters were previously pressed with foam and had what is referred to as a "50/50 split", whoch simply means that the front and back of the holster eaach have 50% of the gun raised up. This put half the depth of the gun and light against the hip of the person wearing the holster. As you cinch the holster against the body, it can dig in a little bit. 

     Vacuum forming is the newest revolution in holster making. Instead of using foam to press the holsters, the gun is placed in a vacuum table and the kydex is fomred to the mold using a vacuum pump. It has been done in the past using homemade vacuum presses and shop-vac vacuum cleaners, but with mediocre results. A true vacuum system is costly and generally used by the higher production holster makers that can afford the system and appropriate molds. We here at Blue LIne Concealment vacuum form the bulk of our Inside the Waistband holsters and all of our non-light bearing Outside the Waistband holsters. 

     Light bearing holsters are difficult to vacuum press and are pressed in foam by a vast majority of holster makers. The depth of the gun causes a lot of issues with the Kydex forming around it and you need a large vacuum forming table to accomplish it with any success. We have been experimenting with vacuum forming these holsters in my very limited spare time and, up unitl now, have not produced a product that I felt comfortable sending out to my customers. Well, I finally did it. The final result has started shipping out to my customers that ordered light bearing holsters within the last week. 

     The benefits of the vacuum formed holsters are:

  • The width of the holster has been reduced so the holster takes up much less room on the belt.
  • The holster is a "90/10 split" so 90% of the gun is in the front half of the holster, making the back much more comfortable against the body.
  • No issues with thick belts feeding through the belt loops.
  • Holster rides much closer to the body for better concealment.
  • Improved holster definition.
  • Conforms to the body (as opposed to just bent "wings").

     I love these holsters and hope you do too. I would love to hear any feedback, positive or negative, regarding the holster.  Our holsters have become what they are today through the imput from our customers. Our holsters are ever changing to accomodate your needs and we love to hear from you guys and gals. Be on the lookout for our newest addition to the holster family: The Stealth Holster. It should be hitting the website in about 1 to 2 weeks, the ladies especially are going to love it. 


Thank you all,