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 .08 Custom Colors - Additional $5.00 ($3.00 for .06)

GREEN lettering denotes in-stock color

arctic-white.jpg army-green.jpg black.jpg blood-red.jpg choolate-brown.jpg
Arctic White Army Green Black (No Additional Charge) Blood Red Chocolate Brown
coyote-brown.jpg coyote-grey.jpg dark-grey.jpg desert-tan.jpg emt-red.jpg
Coyote Brown Coyote Grey Dark Grey Desert Tan EMT Red
flat-dark-earth.jpg foliage-green.jpg light-grey.jpg mas-grey.jpg mustard-yellow.jpg
Flat Dark Earth Foliage Green Light Grey  MAS Grey Mustard Yellow
neon-pink.jpg hot-pink.jpg police-blue.jpg purple.jpg safety-orange.jpg
 Neon Pink Hot Pink Police Blue  Purple Safety Orange
safety-yellow.jpg storm-grey.jpg zombie-green.jpg  tiffany-blue.jpg  olive-drab.jpg
Safety Yellow Storm Grey Zombie Green  Tiffany Blue  Olive Drab


Carbon Fiber - Additional $7.00

GREEN lettering denotes in-stock color

black-carbon-fiber.jpg blood-red-carbon-fiber.jpg coyote-carbon-fiber.jpg fde-carbon-fiber.jpg pink-carbon-fiber.jpg
Carbon Fiber Black  Carbon Fiber Blood Red Carbon Fiber Coyote  Carbon Fiber Flat Dark Earth Carbon Fiber Pink
Carbon Fiber Police Blue        


Grade B Premium - Additional $11.00

GREEN lettering denotes in-stock color

1-kydex-acu-camo-cat.jpg 1-kydex-desert-3c-camo-cat.jpg 1-kydex-desert-6c-camo-cat.jpg 1-kydex-desert-digital-cat.jpg 1-kydex-dutch-wdland-cat.jpg
ACU Desert 3-Color Desert 6-Color Desert Digital Dutch Woodland
1-kydex-forest-digital-cat.jpg 1-kydex-graveyard-night-cat.jpg 1-kydex-graveyard-slime-cat.jpg 1-kydex-hot-pink-camo-cat.jpg 1-kydex-kazacam-cat.jpg
Forest Digital Graveyard Graveyard Slime Hot Pink Camou Kazacam
1-kydex-navy-digital-cat.jpg 1-kydex-supercam-cat.jpg 1-kydex-tiger-digital-cat.jpg 1-kydex-urban-digital-cat.jpg  
Navy Digital Supercam Tiger Stripe Urban Digital  

Grade A Premium - Additional $16.00 

GREEN lettering denotes in-stock color

atacs-au.jpg atacs-fg.jpg atacs-le.jpg atacs-next-bonz.jpg atacs-next-vista.jpg
ATACs™ AU (Arid Urban)  ATACs™ FG (Foliage Green)  ATACs™ LE ATACs™ NEXT (Bonz)  ATACs™ NEXT (Vista)
atacs-next-vista-pink.jpg digital-arctic.jpg digital-desert.jpg digital-forest.jpg digital-pink.jpg
ATACs™ NEXT (Vista Pink) Digital Arctic Digital Desert Digital Forest Digital Pink
dtom.jpg kryptec-highlander.jpg kryptec-mandrake.jpg kryptec-nomad.jpg kryptec-typhon.jpg
DTOM Kryptek Highlander™ Kryptek Mandrake™ Kryptek Nomad™ Kryptek Typhon™
kryptec-yeti.jpg multi-pattern.jpg woodland.jpg    
Kryptek Yeti™ Multi Pattern Woodland    


Grade A premium colors are made with the color infused into the Kydex which results in a super durable finish. This Kydex can take a real beating (and scraping) and maintain the pattern. With the extreme durability comes a pretty hefty price tag at $16.00 per holster side. 

Grade B premium colors are made with a printed surface chemically adhered to sheets of Kydex. The finish is quite durable but is able to be scratched or gouged. If you are going to be low crawling or rolling around in rocks and dirt, don't expect your holster to come away looking showroom new. 


 m-p9-tlr1-blu-cf-combo.jpg     dscn2549.jpg